Sioux Falls United High School Rugby Club is a spring club sport for boys who are in High School.
No experience playing rugby is necessary and we draw from all of the Schools in and around Sioux Falls.

Cost $75

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Sioux Falls United High School Rugby Club


Because rugby requires running, kicking, tackling and teamwork we feature players from all backgrounds—soccer,
football, wrestling, track—one of our best fullbacks was a hacky sack guy who played no other organized sports.
All you really need is the desire and dedication to play a tough game.

Outdoor practices begin as soon as weather permits.
The team stretches and warms up beginning at 5:30 pm with actual practice running from 5:45 to 7:15 pm.

Practices and home matches are held at Marion Park (corner of 44th Street and Marion Road in Sioux Falls).

PLAYERS! You will love rugby. It is easy to learn. You will not spend hours trying to memorized plays.
You are guaranteed to carry the ball! The concept is simple: when you have the ball run fast toward the goal.
Lateral the ball back to a teammate if you are about to get tackled. When your teammate has the ball, since
there is no blocking, run along behind him so you can catch a pass, then you run. If you team does not have
the ball, easy, tackle the guy who does, pick up the ball, now your team has the ball! Run, Pass, Tackle.

PARENTS: You will love rugby! Practices and matches do not last an eternity. The game is so simple only one/two
practices per week are needed. Your son will be playing in the matches, not doing endless drills. Use the link
below to view a basic Rugby Tutorial



Players will need to supply their own cleats (any type will work rugby, soccer or football).

Above all else, rugby builds character. This game demands you play with humility, honor and the highest
level of sportsmanship. Rugby has no place for a person that cannot follow these expectations.